Copy of Boat Ramp Membership Renewal

Boat Ramp Membership (Renewals Only)  - $75

Boat Ramp Membership - Renewal Only

This application is for renewal only. The BPIC has issued the maximum number of boat ramp memberships permitted by the bylaws. If you are a current boat ramp member you must renew by March 1st, otherwise you forfeit your boat ramp membership and will need to request to be added to the waiting list. To maintain your boat ramp membership you must:

  1.  Be a current BPIC Member with membership dues paid. 
  2. Pay the additional fee of $75 for your boat ramp membership by March 1 of each year.
  3. Have a current Boat Ramp Agreement on file. 
  4. Not be in violation any terms of the agreement.
Boat Ramp Membership Renewal Steps:
  1. Complete and pay for your BPIC Membership.
  2. Download, print and sign the Boat Ramp Agreement.
  3. Complete the required fields on this online form.
  4. Scan the signed Agreement and upload it.
  5. Pay the $75 fee